I fell in love with pottery since my first time touching clay in high school. Long ago now I did a mentorship in my early 20s with an incredible potter, Sarah Peterson, in Boulder, Colorado, where I really started to hone in my craft. I truly love every aspect in ceramics, from throwing to making my own custom glazes. It is so rewarding to get to play with all of the earth elements and create a vision that comes to you. That said, I get the most enjoyment out of others and seeing them incorporate and use my wares in their daily lives. Outside of ceramics, I love and find inspiration in nature, especially the sheer beauty and energy of Kauai.

A decade ago I began coming to Kauai a few times a year to hike the Kalalau Trail on the Napali Coast, which I consider one of the most magical places on Earth, until I finally gave in to the gravitational pull this special place had on me and made it my home. I also love the ocean, surfing, and find so much inspiration for my work from all of them. Everything truly is intertwined if you find a way to look! I hope my work adds a slice of joy in your life and gives a little sliver of the Kauai magic/energy as well.

All of my glazes are dishwasher and food safe unless otherwise noted.

Morgan Lester - Flux Ceramics